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2023 Election Results

By Holly Crocco

Incumbents swept the local election last week, with many Republicans seeing success with the help of the Conservative line.

In Putnam County Legislature District 3, which represents the Town of Kent, Legislator Toni Addonizio retained her seat with a combined 1,243 Republican and Conservative line votes, compared to challenger Kathy Kahng’s 1,042 Democratic votes (55 to 45 percent).

“I would like to thank my constituents for supporting me for my re-election,” Addonizio wrote on social media following her victory. “It's an honor and a privilege to continue serving Putnam County.”

In Putnam County Legislature District 2, which represents Putnam Valley, Legislator William Gouldman retained his seat with a combined 1,390 Republican and Conservative line votes, compared to challenger Maggie Ploener’s combined 1,059 Democrat and Working Families line votes (57 to 43 percent).

“Thank you to the citizens of Putnam Valley who tonight have spoken to continue the course of good, strong and positive county government,” said Gouldman. “There are people who don't agree with every decision or vote I make as a legislator, and we all know that government can't solve every problem. But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will always listen to you, especially when we disagree… We have a bright future, and I will continue to fight to keep it that way.”

For Carmel highway superintendent, Michael Stern claimed victory with 3,521 voters writing his name on the ballot, defeating Gerard Ahler Jr., who received a combined 2,735 Republican and Conservative votes (56 to 44 percent).

For Carmel Town Board, Robert Kearns and incumbent Frank Lombardi were the top vote-getters, with a combined 4,639 and 4,416 Republican and Conservative votes, respectively. Challengers Kathleen Valletta and Jerome Mitchell received 2,020 and 2,069 Democratic votes, respectively.

For Southeast town supervisor, Nicholas Durante claimed victory with 1,744 Republican line votes, compared to Robert Cullen’s 468 Conservative line votes.

In Patterson, Town Supervisor Richard Williams kept his seat with 1,123 votes on the Conservative line, defeating challenger Michael Sudol, who received 946 votes on the Republican line (54 to 46 percent).

For Patterson Town Board, incumbent Shawn Rogan and Peter Muentener received 1,128 and 1,112 votes on the Conservative line, respectively, defeating Laura Russo and Joseph Capasso, who each earned 880 and 898 votes on the Republican line.

For Kent Town Board, incumbents Shaun Boyd and Christopher Ruthven retained their seats, with a combined 1,527 and 1,406 Republican and Conservative votes, respectively. Challenger Courtney Steininger received 1,127 Democratic votes.

For Putnam Valley Town Board, Sherry Howard and incumbent Louis Luongo were victorious, with Howard receiving a combined 1,622 Democratic and Conservative line votes, and Luongo receiving a combined 1,518 Republican and Conservative line votes. Challenger Brooke Anderson received 1,063 Democratic votes and challenger Patricia Villanova received 1,155 Republican votes.

For Putnam Valley highway superintendent, incumbent Shawn Keeler was victorious with a combined 1,877 Democratic and Conservative line votes, compared to Republican Mark Pawera’s 913 votes.

For Philipstown town justice, Angela Thompson-Tinsley received a combined 1,822 Democratic and Team Philipstown votes, defeating Randall Chiera, who received a combined 768 Republican and Conservative votes.

For Philipstown Town Board, incumbents Judith Farrell and Robert Flaherty claimed victory, with Farrell receiving a combined 1,795 Democratic and Team Philipstown votes, and Flaherty receiving a combined 1,988 Democratic and Conservative votes. Neal Tomann received a combined 923 Republican and Conservative votes.


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