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Entrepreneurs Succeed at Putnam Youth Biz Market 

Putnam County’s first Youth Business Market drew more than 600 visitors to Tilly Foster Farm in Brewster to support 70 youth vendors showcasing an array of products.

The market was a showcase of youthful entrepreneurship, featuring items such as bracelets, art, baked goods, 3D-printed toys, plants, lemonade, Pokémon cards, Rubik’s cubes and more. Youth vendors and their families traveled from all over Putnam County and beyond, with some participants coming from as far as the Bronx and Connecticut.

“The success of our first Youth Business Market is a testament to the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of our young people,” said Putnam County Executive Kevin Byrne. “It was inspiring to see so many families and community members come together to support our future business leaders. This event not only provided a valuable learning experience for our youth, but also strengthened our community bonds.”

Deputy Chairwoman of the Putnam County Legislature Amy Sayegh echoed those sentiments.

“The turnout and enthusiasm at the Youth Business Market were incredible,” she said. “Our young entrepreneurs did an outstanding job, and it was heartwarming to see their hard work and dedication pay off. This event highlighted the immense talent we have in Putnam County and beyond.”

Legislator Bill Gouldman also expressed his admiration for the young businesspeople.

“Seeing the wide variety of products and the entrepreneurial spirit of our youth was truly impressive,” he said. “The market provided an excellent opportunity for these young vendors to learn about business, engage with the community, and develop important life skills. I look forward to seeing this event grow in the coming years.”

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