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Jonke, Sayegh to Lead Putnam County Legislature in 2023

By Holly Crocco

Legislator Paul Jonke, R-Brewster, was elected chairman of the Putnam County Legislature by his peers during the board’s Jan. 3 organizational meeting.

“Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and years of government experience to the Legislature, and I think he will be a fine chairman,” said Legislator Joseph Castellano, R-Southeast, who nominated Jonke to the position.

The motion was seconded by Legislator Ginny Nacerino, R-Patterson, who said Jonke is professional, objective, and has proven to be a fine leader.

“He has an extensive background in government, having worked for municipalities for decades,” she said. “With a no-nonsense approach, he is never reluctant to challenge anyone on any issue to voice his opinion while keeping everyone’s best interest in mind.”

After taking the chairman’s seat, Jonke nominated Legislator Amy Sayegh, R-Mahopac Falls, to serve as deputy chairwoman.

“Her service is diligent, she’s hardworking, she always does her homework, she digs deep, she’s softspoken but she’s firm…” he said of his colleague.

The motion was seconded by Legislator Tony Addonizio, R-Kent. “Amy is a diligent, hardworking, dedicated public servant and is worthy of this nomination,” she said.

Sayegh said she was humbled by the nomination.

“It’s easy to make a point, but it’s harder to make a difference,” she said. “So, my goal for 2023 is for government to make a difference, to work together for a common goal.”


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