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Put Valley Dem Announces Run for County Legislature

Longtime Putnam Valley resident and lifelong “socially-conscious Democrat” Maggie Ploener has announced her candidacy for Putnam County Legislature, representing District 2.

Ploener, a small business owner who has lived in Putnam Valley for more than 10 years, said she is running because she knows she can make a positive difference for her neighbors – and all of Putnam County.

She said she cares deeply about the environment and is concerned about the potability of drinking water (forever chemicals found in many area wells), and is aware that the health of the lakes in Putnam County is deplorable, with the worst algae blooms in New York State. She said the county’s lakes and streams are important and their dire condition can lower residents’ property values.

The candidate also said she will seek more honesty and transparency in local government.

Ploener has led food drives and coat drives, been involved in the oversight of governance of Putnam County and Putnam Valley for many years, and said she knows the county, its issues, deficits and pluses. She said she is “100 percent committed to be constantly in attendance as a driving force in our County Legislature.”

She has been endorsed by the Putnam Valley Democratic Committee, Putnam County Democratic Committee and Working Families Party, and has the support of State Sen. Pete Harckham.


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