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Brewster EMS Makes its Debut

Brewster EMS is staffed by trained emergency technicians 24/7.

The Brewster Fire Department and Brewster/Southeast Fire District have joined forces to form Brewster EMS.

The Brewster/Southeast Fire District was notified about a month ago that Ambulnz will no longer be providing a 24-hour basic life support ambulance for the fire district, which led the board of fire commissioners and the office of the chief to establish Brewster-Southeast EMS, Inc.

With more than 2,000 calls to date, Brewster is the busiest ambulance in Putnam County, according to BFD. It’s goal is to provide the residents of Brewster and Southeast with the best possible pre-hospital medical care without relying on a third-party ambulance service. It will be run as a nonprofit company.

Brewster Fire Chief Michael Miller said he feels very optimistic about the new EMS service.

“The establishment of Brewster EMS was no easy feat, but we unanimously believe the citizens of the Town of Southeast and the Village of Brewster not only deserve the best care we could provide to them, but are entitled to it,” he said.

Brewster EMS ambulances will be staffed by two trained EMTs 24 hours a days and 365 days a year. Brewster Fire Department volunteer EMTs will continue to supplement the career EMTs when available, with additional calls in the district and different events.

“This is a proud moment and we’re beyond excited to be a part of this new chapter in Brewster Fire Department history,” said Miller.

He thanked the previous EMS providers for their dedicated service over the years.


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