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Gouldman Seeks Re-Election to County Legislature

Putnam County Legislator Bill Gouldman

Putnam County Legislator Bill Gouldman, R-Putnam Valley, recently announced that he is seeking re-election to his seat representing District 2, and that he has been backed by the Republican Party.

“It has been an honor to represent the people of Putnam Valley for the past eight years,” he said. “We have been able to bring a common sense, fiscally responsible focus to Putnam County government.”

Gouldman said that since he took office in 2015, all of the county budgets have been approved, and county government has held down out-of-control contracts, kept social safety nets in place, enhanced public safety, kept cultural programs viable and added services for senior citizens and veterans – all without reducing essential county services.

“I’ve known Bill Gouldman for over 20 years,” said County Executive Kevin Byrne. “He is the epitome of a public servant and is someone who has selflessly dedicated much of his time and energy to the people of Putnam County. Whether it’s his commitment to the water quality of our lakes or the condition of our transportation infrastructure, Bill has worked tirelessly to ensure the needs of Putnam Valley and its people are heard in county government. I wholeheartedly endorse Bill Gouldman for Putnam County legislator and will do all I can to support him as we work together to better this beautiful county we call home.”

Legislature Chairman Paul Jonke, R-Brewster, also backed Gouldman for re-election.

“Bill Gouldman has been instrumental toward moving matters forward for the betterment of the people of Putnam County,” he said. “Bill is a man of integrity who works hard on behalf of his constituents. I am in complete support of his candidacy for another term as legislator for District 2.”

Gouldman said that, despite the accomplishments and successes he has enjoyed as a legislator, there is still more to be done to reduce spending and implement policies to improve county government.

“I will continue to fight for the families who deal with addiction and substance abuse, and support all first responders – including law enforcement, fire and EMS,” he said. “I am confident we are on the right track and the best days of Putnam County are still to come. I look forward to another term working with my colleagues on the Legislature, and the new county executive.”


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