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New Agreement for County Employees Union

PuMA President Shawn Rogan, left, and County Executive Kevin Byrne sign the newly-agreed-upon union contract, which awaits legislative approval.

On Dec. 15, County Executive Kevin Byrne signed a memorandum of agreement for the Putnam Management Association, alongside PuMA President Shawn Rogan. Five days later, the MOA was approved by a unanimous vote of PuMA members. The agreement covers compensation, benefits, holidays and other items related to the PuMA-covered public employees through Dec. 31, 2027.

“This four-year agreement reflects the dedication of both parties to fostering a positive work environment, ensuring the well-being of county employees, and our mutual commitment to fiscal responsibility,” said Byrne. “This is a fair and responsible contract for both our public employees and our taxpayers. I thank the members of our respective negotiating teams for all their hard work at the negotiation table.”

The county executive said he looks forward to building on this progress as the county seeks to complete negotiations with its other collective bargaining units.

“Our negotiations went quite smoothly and swiftly because each party had respectful and realistic expectations that resulted in a fair and reasonable outcome,” said Rogan. “Our members are vital to the efficient operation of county services and this contract reflects their dedication and hard work. We believe this contract is great for our members, but also will help us to enhance the quality of services provided to Putnam County residents.”

The contract includes a 2.75 percent salary increase effective Jan. 1, 2024, and a 2.5 percent increase Jan. 1, 2025, 2026 and 2027. It also includes a yearly retention bonus of $1,000 for 10 years of service, $1,500 for 15 years (a $500 increase), $2,000 for 20 years (a $500 increase) and $2,500 for 25 years (a $500 increase).

The agreement and pending contract have been sent to the Putnam County Legislature for its review and consideration for approval.


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