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Patterson F.D. Assists With Horse Rescue

The Patterson Fire Department was called to help rescue a horse that had fallen into a mud pit in Dutchess County earlier this month.

At about 8:45 a.m. Sept. 9, the La Grange Fire Department requested support from PFD, and a crew led by Lt. Jesse Greco responded to Budd Lane in La Grange with the department’s heavy rescue, designated 22-6-1, to help.

Upon arrival, they found that 20-year-old Ronan had fallen into a shallow ditch that

Photos by Jesse Greco, Andrew Rossi and Dan McLaughlin.

was full of mud. Due to the depression and slippery mud, the horse was unable to get enough traction to stand.

“Time was of the essence, due to amount of time the horse was down,” said Patterson firefighter Andrew Rossi, himself a veteran of half a dozen horse rescues.

Working in conjunction with Dr. Gabriel Cook from New England Equine Practice, a rescue plan was quickly put together. Rescuers secured appropriate straps to the horse and, after a bit of equine sedation, slid all 2,200 pounds of horse free from his predicament.

“We’re glad Ronan wasn’t stuck in deep mud – just on top of the mud,” said Firefighter Dan McLaughlin. This was his second horse rescue.

Patterson Fire Department has responded to five horse rescues so far in 2023.


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