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Putnam County DPW Project Portal Open for Residents

With spring around the corner, several road construction projects will be going online throughout the county, and as such, Putnam County Executive Kevin Byrne highlighted the new Road Construction Project Portal on the county website, providing residents with easy access to regular updates and information regarding county road projects. This initiative aims to enhance transparency, accountability, and accessibility of information to the public, while promoting greater awareness and understanding of ongoing construction activities throughout the county.

The Road Construction Project Portal was highlighted by County Executive Byrne during his 2024 State of the County presentation earlier this month. The webpage offers a user-friendly interface where residents can view regular updates on county road projects. Each project is assigned a color code—green, yellow, or red—to easily indicate its status. Green signifies that the project is on track, yellow indicates a potential delay, and red confirms a delay.

"We are excited to launch the Road Construction Project Portal as part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability in government," said County Executive Kevin Byrne. "By providing residents with access to timely and accurate information about county road projects, we are empowering our community to stay informed and engaged in the development and progress of critical infrastructure projects."

The portal includes essential project details such as the expected completion date, traffic impact, and the name of the contractor that is working on the project. This comprehensive information enables residents to better understand the scope and timeline of each project and plan accordingly for any potential disruptions.

"This is a great product for our residents. We want to make sure residents have access to the information they need to navigate construction activities in our communities," said Department of Public Works Commissioner Tommy Feighery. "By centralizing project updates and status reports on a single webpage, we are streamlining communication and making it easier than ever for residents to have an idea of what’s going on.”

“I commend DPW and the County Executive for taking this proactive step towards greater transparency,” said Legislator Greg Ellner, Chairman of the Physical Services Committee. “Providing taxpayers with access to these bi-weekly updates is valuable, admirable, and absolutely the right thing to do.”

The Road Construction Project Portal underscores the county's commitment to improving public access to government information and fostering greater community engagement in infrastructure planning and development.

Residents are encouraged to visit the Road Construction Project Portal at on the county website to stay informed about ongoing road projects and track their progress.


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