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Putnam Debuts Department of Public Works

The reorganization of the Putnam County Highways & Facilities Department into the Putnam County Department of Public Works was signed into law last week by County Executive Kevin Byrne.

The name change and rebranding is a move to better reflect the diverse scope of work and capabilities of the department and its employees, according to Byrne, who highlighted this change in March as a priority his 2023 State of the County Address.

“The very name Highway & Facilities does not accurately communicate all the incredible work our county employees do in this department,” he said at the time. “As it presently stands, this department already has multiple divisions to include highways, facilities, engineering and parks. Our public employees in this department are capable of, and already do, so much more than maintain our roads and county buildings, and they deserve a brand that shows that.”

The DPW will encompass the existing divisions of highways, facilities, engineering and parks, and the reorganization reflects the comprehensive range of services provided by the dedicated employees of the department – including infrastructure maintenance, road construction, building management, engineering projects and park maintenance.

By adopting the DPW name, the county aims to highlight the diverse skill set and significant contributions of its employees, said Byrne.

This recent change follows a series of other changes introduced by the Byrne administration that updated various job classifications to more accurately reflect the jobs, skills and trainings that DPW employees were already providing, he said.

Byrne expressed his confidence in the capabilities of the department and its ability to continue delivering exceptional services to the residents of Putnam County.

“Our public employees in the Department of Public Works consistently demonstrate their expertise and dedication in carrying out their responsibilities,” he said. “This reorganization is a testament to their hard work and commitment to maintaining our county’s infrastructure. By adopting the DPW name, we celebrate their versatility and acknowledge the vital role they play in enhancing the quality of life for our residents and county employees.”

As part of the new branding, the county website has been updated with a number of new features that increase transparency and awareness for residents. This includes updates for, and descriptions of upcoming and ongoing projects DPW is involved in, which can be viewed at

The reorganization and renaming of the department will not affect its ongoing operations or the services provided to the community, said Byrne.


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