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Russo Victorious in GOP Primary

By Holly Crocco

Laura Russo won the June 25 Republican Primary election for Putnam County Legislature District 4, representing Patterson.

Russo earned 270 votes (50.8 percent), while Jennifer Bumgarner received 260 votes (48.9 percent). There was one write-in vote.

“Thank you to the Republican voters of Patterson who voted for me to be their nominee in yesterday’s primary,” Russo said the day after the election. “We always knew this would be a close election, but I am so humbled and thrilled by the support I’ve received… I’m excited to be one step closer to joining the Putnam Legislature to bring about our conservative agenda of reform.

“I want to congratulate my primary opponent, Jennifer Bumgarner, and her supporters on a spirited campaign. Now it’s time for our Republican Party to unite to win in November.”

Joseph Esposito won the primary for Patterson Town Board, to fill the unexpired seat left by the resignation of Peter Dandreano last year.

Esposto received 310 votes (56.5 percent), while Joseph Capasso received 236 votes (43 percent). There were two write-in votes.


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