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School Budgets Approved Countywide

By Holly Crocco

The proposed operating budgets for the 2023-24 academic year were approved by voters in school districts across the county last week.

The Carmel Central School District budget passed by a vote of 1,729 to 1,627. Also approved were propositions to replace the water tank at George Fischer Middle School (2,461 votes to 881) and to replace the district-wide phone, intercom and public address system (2,135 votes to 1,205).

Elected to the Carmel School Board were Jordi Douglas with 2,174 votes and James Wise with 1,500 votes, each to serve three-year terms. Carmela Atria received 1,299 votes, and Richelle Malafronte received write-in votes.

“Both the Board of Education and district administration worked hard over the last several months to create a budget proposal that we believed kept our students a priority, providing them with the needed support, while also keeping the tax levy low,” said Superintendent Mary-Margaret Zehr. “We are pleased the voters agreed.”

The Brewster Central School District budget passed by a vote of 826 to 525. Incumbent Kerry Cunningham was re-elected to the board of education with 742 votes, along with Melissa Stasi Finateri who received 589 votes. Carrie Hernandez received 567 votes and Kristin Cacal received 459 votes.

The Mahopac Central School District budget was approved by a vote of 1,294 to 1,105. Elected to the school board were incumbents Tanner McCracken with 1,734 votes and Ben DiLullo with 1,422 votes, and Michael Mongon with 1,268 votes. Marsha Waldman received 1,119 votes.

The Putnam Valley CSD budget passed by a vote of 785 to 658, with a proposition to purchase school buses also passing, 782 votes to 653. Crystal Hernandez was elected to the school board with 790 votes. Joseph Ferraro received 589 votes.

The Putnam Valley Free Library budget just barely passed, by a tally of 721 to 717.

Over at Haldane Central School District, the budget was approved by a vote of 449 to 67, with school board member Margaret Clements being re-elected.

The Garrison Union Free School District’s budget was approved by a vote of 281 to 94. Also approved was a proposition to authorize the district to spend capital reserve funds to replace water heaters, by a vote of 334 to 41; and a proposition to enter a multi-year tuition contract with the Putnam Valley CSD, by a vote of 290 to 85.

Elected to the school board were Jocelyn Apicello, Jennifer Harriton-Wilson and Dan Jasnow.


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