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Severely Matted Dog Rescued in Putnam Lake

A severely neglected mini-poodle was found Aug. 5 along Lake Shore Drive in Putnam Lake.

The Putnam County SPCA Law Enforcement Division sent detectives to the home of the person who called in the discovery, and found a 9-year-old male mini-poodle who was unable to see or walk properly due to extreme matting in front of its eyes and around its extremities. The dog also smelled badly of feces and urine.

The animal was transported by the Putnam County SPCA dog control officer to Guardian Veterinary Specialists in Brewster for emergency care, where the 13.8-pound mini-poodle, named Pierre, had more than 8 pounds of feces and urine-soaked matting removed from its body. It took three staff members more than two hours to remove it all.

As of last week, the dog was still receiving care at the animal hospital and was reportedly doing well.

“This is one of the worst cases of matting that we have encountered,” said Putnam County SPCA Chief Ken Ross. “The severity of the matting interfere

It took three veterinary specialists more than two hours to remove all the matting from a neglected mini-poodle that was found in Putnam Lake earlier this month.

d with the dog’s ability to function normally without pain and restriction. The dog was impacted and suffered from urine scalding because of the neglect. This situation could have been resolved with the normal care a pet owner should provide their pet.”

The dog owner, Brian Edwards, was charged with animal cruelty and will be arraigned in Patterson Town Court later this month.


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