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A Dozen Horses Safely Removed From Barn Fire in Patterson

Photos courtesy of Putnam Lake Fire Department.

At about 8:20 p.m. Jan. 10, the Putnam Lake and Patterson fire departments were dispatched to High Point Equestrian Center on East Branch Road for a reported barn fire.

Upon arrival, firefighters confirmed smoke coming from the structure, and investigation found the fire was located in a hay storage area of the stable. According to PLFD, it was a “quick knockdown,” but prolonged operation due to confined and heavily-stacked hay storage. Firefighters worked to remove hay from the structure and drown persistent embers, as the New Fairfield Fire Department (Connecticut) established a water supply at the Putnam Lake Dam.

About 12 horses were safely removed and relocated, with assistance from sheriff deputies. The center thanked all the first-responders, as well as staff, “for quickly springing into action and caring for all the horses. Thank God no horses were injured,” the center reported. Provided photos.


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